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follow up for 9 post thread from may bout buoyancy

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:46 pm    Post subject: follow up for 9 post thread from may bout buoyancy Reply with quote Report Post to Admin

HiYall, .. been a long time, last visited on Mon May 17, 2010 1:28 pm

There are 5541 new posts since your last visit

The time now is Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:40 pm

i penned some follow ups recently:

no answer so far ...

sent on 9/9 to:
eco.tek.innovations receiving mail at

saw your 'Buoyancy engine' vid on the eigth, here are a few comments and
latest thoughts/probes as a measure of my 'immersement(ality)'.

personally, i am not at all eager to give humanity a cheap energy device ... the
leaf and tree are unbeatable but respect and gratitude? None. I am even a
luddite by preference but pragmatically i think it is gonna take loads of sweat
equity smarts and ethics to play volcano# to the point where we restore what
we so thoughtlessly washed out and failed to recycle and for that metal devices
are useful but only at a secondary stage ... unfortunatelty folks whose eyes get
caught by it are bound known and i guess massively inclined to forego the point,
primary, in the first place sort of reason. Hierarchy confusion due to willingly
perped pc blindness that attempts to dedicate but ends up sacrificing all to

but anyways, these devices are known by a few as the rest of this letter proves.

back to your vid.

The interesting moments are 3.54 and 4.17 when a large

plastic bucket mounted on the bottom end of a heavy duty

chain circuit and which is filled with air via compressor or

something from below in a 20 foot high tank, is released and

briefly turns the chain as it breaches. Looks like they used

only a single one of those buckets.

just a little limbering up first (google result numbers for related phrases):

"workable buoyancy" 5x
"usable buoyancy" 20x .. includes joyceanism from asia
"harvestable buoyancy" no hits for this phrase but it does offer buoyancy engine
at freepatentsonline
wooow, jackpot, 39,200 for 'based on buo..etc ..... yet/but the pics are
decidely not impressive.
"buoyant force" .... i find out Fortin is a famous name in the world of fluid and
airy pressure science.
"fueled by buoyancy" 6x
"buoyant force" joel isaac (uploader) -- 257x but no trace of marcel fortin this
"buoyancy force" 2450x
"generators based on buoyancy" 0x
"energy from buoyancy" 75,300x

some thoughts from the preceding days:

dynometry definition: the balls to pull and anchor a bearinged up
tracktrained bellow array below the surface to circulate us into the
verticality mindset and bring up some cooling waters quick enough to to
turn the suffer tides.
not this one: one of a handful of buyancy
but this one:

in case you dropped the subject since 08 ... here is a survey of vids i found and
watched yesterday:

funny, .. at 2.15 of 4.53 of 'a bouyant force problem (4)'

the teacher talks about beach-balls. A staple ingredient of

my own explanatory spiels.

WTF?!?!? He has 1875 vids of himself in front of a blackboaard scribbling
and wants folks to donate money to reward his left brain extremism, .... seems
to make the mid to lower thousands in viewing numbers.

He is deceptively emphasizing that submersion force is

invariable, independent of depth ... but the depths/heights

do make a difference as to how great/small your serialization

- CHAIN REACTION - (don't worry, i am on about the very

literal form ... funny .. at an anarchist todo i plucked a

bike off of a roof and was given it after a diagnosis ...

replacing a chain is all it sorely needed).

perhaps a train of balls will not rise any faster than a

single one but if (depending on wether and how smoothly) the

energy is bundled captured harvested guided .. whatever ...

their amount is cumulative ..

similarly, multiples of the force it takes to keep a single

and/or first beach ball submerged and/or sinking will

influence its position and/or sink speed.
tangential but impressive ... white dwarp timelapse

oh by the way, now that i see the title ....

Verification Study of Buoyancy-Driven Turbulent Nuclear


i have to say .... speak of the devil ... .appropriately

enough .. i am viewer 88 ... how much confirmation need i

give before yall feel thoroughly absolved

my 97 blabsolutions did not work entirely to my satisfaction

so i am not too confident about keeping on tapping keys here.

speaking of singular case of ThemToobage, please welcome

he has an idea very usable in combination of what i thought

watching martin's vid (seen after his so perhaps, due to some

sort of lag/dormancy / germination issue he ought to get full

credit but i aint gonna argue that in court and prolly nuttin

ever period.

1400 Vs since sept 28 08 -- 30 second animation

he has the water container off the ground so that you not

only can make some sort of a lock system at the bottom from

the side but perhaps take advantage of the stability any

vertical efforts yield ... to, for instance, in this case

push the next air container scheduled to rise into the water

from below.

Would not take a marine engineer long to pick up some cheap

used parts to try it out i would guess.

posted to Buoyant force power plant (30 second animation)

ollie and boy, have you seen the prophet2012 account???

the concepts expressed there have been sorta swishy-swashily
percolating and swim-swiveling around in my head for a quarter
century and i think the coin is beginning to drop.

then i just found you guys and joelmcisaac ... will soon post more on
the indexterity blogspot
ollieoniel - destillation
feb 15 09 -- 6229 Vs -- 13 comments

the essential principle shown here is analogous to what

occupies a large portion of Wessel's thinking ...

The potential that can be raised from the differential and dynamic between
shape and volume given a good margin. It takes hardly any dike to contain a
huge amount of water ... what we need to start doing is think of ethics as
analogous to and expressible best in the vertical planes, axes and volumes, think
gravity, trees and photosynthesis ... but also ... water columns.

Looking for the 'ausbeutung' (not such a dirty word as the
meaning attached o the nevertheless close transliteration
uitbuiting, given to mean exploitation and not the sober and
plain sense pure physics along with a little social
conscience can yield in this case.

... even though ollieoniel is occupied with destillation and vacuums, it is also a
matter of conduit diameter differing but reversed, down wide and up narrow.

The trade off between sending runner, spy outlier, adventurer, private eye and
such about vs being safe in a pack is quite similar to spotting where nature has
been wasteful and sprawly but can be sequenced into a very high potency
indeed. The very thought of industry and metal use now suffering from being
looked down on along with other manual acts which fail to connect to the
aggregation tricks we all seem to be after, as if grasping is not so much to do
with understanding anymore than it is with a firm grip in the sense of a strong
enough encryption army which authenticates themselves into autistication
before they realize waddup with their duped if not dopey chillers.
I was 360th visitor (and 361st 5 hours later) to another lone vid poster
1 station comment
Good animation, this machine has been talked about by many people over the
decades. The problem is making a semi-permiable membrane that will let in the
empty barrels and yet keep in the water. When you open the door to? let in the
barrel some of the water is let out, eventually bringing the machine to a halt.

wow, yet another single vid Yt account related to buoyancy.
11 months old - 439 views -- oh, ... it is a silly U of northern florida flip
floppiness with music and off-topic pictures.

interesting idea involving a heavy and a light fluid
turn the sound off ... nothing but atrocious music
kamalmichael -- nearly 14.000 views

he has done a slightly mad design also .. 19 low view numbered vids up

most solid one so far (asian with music no narration)
"Energy from floatation" is what the 66 yo in hongkong calls it
ltseung888 | September 17, 2006
45.270 Vs --- (107 Cs) ... 1 of 75 uploads on energy devices (none appealing to

Weight with density 0.6 drops down to generate electricity. Floats up via two
doors to trap water
in tube. See, thread China & Co. for details (Not Over Unity)

dumb description of a partly filled balloon raised up through a column of water
(closed at top, bottom in a basin) and then let down to harvest the gravity
(dropping potential) ... water power alrite .. best of both worlds ... .with an
inbuilt precaution against immodesty and why would water serve that function
any worse than gold?

this one is hilarious, a clunky version of Wessel's device ... with a wink to
washybanjo - year old - 802 views ... he really isn't serious about anything yet,
just his age i guess .. but made a (spoofy) follow up nevertheless


a few fresh discoveries:
books in E and G (at a price)
15 seiten - erstmals 8. mrz, zweiter post erst wieder in mai
1 podcast


refers to the work Hamker cites:
The US Senate Document No 264, 1936, 74th Congress spoke of the lack of
minerals in American soil and the adverse effect this has on the American
people. For further information click on the link below:

US Senate Document No 264, 1936, 74th Congress

calling all angels (posted exactly 2 hours after the last post, on a tone 2 day
i might add to precede this with
now, i have a mind to make her feel sore and sorry for passing me up .. thusly:

take a U shape ... whoops .. fonts don't work on this Communicator (huh?? ..
might recover in a next session though, .. did before).

Take a classic letter u shape, you know, the one with a thin and fat column,
except that it is hollow and the thin leg is longer and has a type gutter to
convey stuff to the also hollow top on the fat side. Fill the bottom half with
water and place a piston in the broader shorter side of the tube-like shape, a
smart one, with perhaps multiple valves that manage to let and boost a body
through the fluid to where the curve and narrowing starts or else just let 'm
through with a lock-like system and let these hoberman sphere-like balls sink
hence. These little bodies are not that stupid either and know when to fold
(become heavier and on the way up the narrow end fill and/or puff out and/or
up - depending on the air power we can muster during a quick pitstop).

Now can see anything moving yet in your minds eye? Say no more you say?

Not likely so here we go on:

the piston is weighing down on the water cause the bodies are weighty bundles
when collapsed and contracted weighing down on the piston before they are let
through .. again, look up hoberman spheres if you haven't seen this principle
meanwhile turned into cheap plastic toys along your line of the plain simple
type vision.

Type type taaip, .. want more? bis bis bis. Ok, ... now .. in folded position the
bodies balls fit snugly up the narrow end which rises way above the level
necessary to be lobbed or rolled along a slant over into the top end of the fat U
portion. as well as a bit of water (why not, perhaps a nice occasion to blow
some dust about and get the misterie show on the garden road.
T:h:a:t's future music, ... for now, here's:
Vicki Genfan
12 string song
buoyancy, the humble (keeping) power.
I amended the previous post having neglected to stipulate the unequal U leg
length yesterday. in such a way that the much longer thin side must not be so
long it does not start spilling the buoyant spheres onto the slant across which
they ferry glide float roll to and down the fat one again .. ad infinitum

Note the syncreelisticallee personified prefigurement in duos, couples and
combos like Laurel and Hardy
staging bouancy
"staging buoyancy" - unknown at google, a whack, a wickedly wakey wakey one,
way ahead of the pack

i struck google dumb with buoyancergy but somebody has to be first (one and
only in this case even)

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:38 pm    Post subject: re: follow up for 9 post thread from may bout buoyancy Reply with quote Report Post to Admin

Dear Poetpiet,
Your post looks like a testament, I don't hope so.
Apparently your were focused on the buoyancy. Remember the pertinent words of Fletcher and greendoor: any buoyancy design is in fact a pure gravity question.
The number of unsuccessful attempts is not an evidence for a definitive answer.
How long was the 'homo sapiens' looking the running water aside the river before to discover the waterwheel? (more than 36.000 years).
The most important discoveries became our property only since the last 50 years.
Don't be too much speedy, let's leave the time for the time.
Sometime we are very close from the end but we don't know it until the effective discover. I'm a mushroom hunter and it's typically the same process: it's when your basket is about empty and you decided to go back home, that in fine you find a cattle of 'gigantis lepiotis' ('coulemelles' in french).
IMHO the success can come only from the sharing. Nobody has the truth, everybody has a part of the truth.
When you keep an important data and refuse to share, you suspend the time of the success for the group (a wrong calculation).
The cemeteries are full of genius.

I cannot imagine why nobody though on this before, including myself? It is so simple!...
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Trevor Lyn Whatford

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:31 pm    Post subject: re: follow up for 9 post thread from may bout buoyancy Report Post to Admin

Hi poetiet,

this is what I said to to late about wheel mounted fluid weight transfers using leverage force.

There is potential there but the force required to push the fluid up is about 16 kg of force to raise 1kg of fluid 2 metres, ( that is for a slow transfer ) the only way to do what you propose is to use multi levers (more than one lever per reservoir) and modern hydraulic and modern control systems.

I hope this is a help to you as yes I think it can work, but is not economical to build at to day energy prices.

I will find another quote and post it here.
Edit, add quote, regards Trevor
I all so believe the multi lever phenomenon can make a buoyancy device work even though you have under estimated the forces that are require, my experiments on fluid transfer from a lower reservoir to a higher reservoir would be 16 kg of force to move 1 litre of fluid a hight of 4m
that is a slow lift so with a fast lift you could double that, but with buoyancy you have the added force of water pressure so you may be looking at a force of 1kg per one square cm but even with that sort of force I still believe that the multi lever phenomenon could do it but it would take modern hydraulic to take care of the compression force and timing. you can increase the air pressure inside the reservoir to a greater pressure than the water pressure so then you would be compressing the reservoirs closed at the top of the wheel with the help of lesser water pressure! if 32 lever cannot do the job then add 32 more by adding more buoyancy in the lever compartment will counter the extra weight.

I do not see the point of building a buoyancy device as you can drive hydraulic motors but I could make it work!

When I post at the weekend I will explain how I found the multi lever phenomenon as this may help.

You have helped me explain my self better many times so I thank you for that and like to believe that is your motive.

One of my experiments under water was to compress the top reservoir closed to force the bottom reservoir open, the pair was about 180 cm tall, the volume of air was 5 litres, and the compression force applied was 80 kg, so if you can gain a greater leverage force by using more than one lever I do not see a problem with buoyancy wheels its just a ratio game.

I have been wrong before!
I have been right before!
Hindsight will tell us!
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