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Welcome to BesslerWheel.com

In 1712, Johann Bessler built a machine that he claimed was self-moving. By 1717, he had convinced thousands of people, from the ordinary to the eminent, that he had indeed discovered the secret of a self-sustaining mechanism. The machine underwent numerous tests and passed rigorous inspections. It was made to do heavy work for long periods, and in an official test it ran continuously for 54 days.

The internal design of the machine was always closely guarded by its inventor. Plagued by paranoia and a nasty temper, and with no patent laws to protect him, Bessler never arranged payment terms for the wheel. A bitter man, he took his secret to the grave and drifted into obscurity.

This web site strives to shed light on the Bessler mystery through an exchange of ideas among enthusiasts, dabblers, believers, skeptics, critics, and all who share a fascination with the "impossible."

Quote of the Day

"Good men must not obey the laws too well."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and philosopher (1803-1882)
Mikey Ned publishes BESSLER 411
Larry McCart introduces Gravity Motor Technology
Peter Grötter presents The Marvelous Wheel of Johann Bessler
Göttingen University Library publishes Das Triumphans online
John Collins' Bessler publications now available
Bill McMurtry introduces Bessler's Maschinen Tractate to the world
New improved Discussion Board launched

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