Costa Wheel update

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Posted by Scott Ellis ( on August 04, 2002 at 22:27:24:

Thanks to Jean Yves Hervouet for this latest news report. It is one of the most detailed yet, and is available on this website (in French):

I used Google's online translation service and got these English results. It's not all perfectly clear, but it gives the gist of the report, anyway. The report is by a man named Rudolf Wehrung (cherrytree|| -

I went to see this machine and its inventor: Aldo Costa. He had the kindness to teach his machine for a few months. I touched on it recently in conversation with Jean Louis Naudin.

Its site is very summarized. I can say to you that Aldo Costa to not only developped at the point, at the end of 50 years of research, the mechanical Totalement movement. With a brilliant use of the laws of Newton. While finding in more one new mathematical constant which apply not only to its machine, but also with biology, electricity (from where my mall with Jean Louis Naudin), with the gravitation, energy! It is the first not-entropic mechanical object (and producer of energy) since the creation of the universe.

It should be noted that an Italian physicist and a French engineer validate the principle of his wheel, by qualifying Aldo Costa as it should be: a pure genius!

He did not have the authorization to build a larger wheel. That which is built makes it possible the system to start. Radical proof of a rupture of the principle of equivalence, because the other mechanical systems of perpetual motions balance from the beginning and do not move at all. The wheel must necessarily be large. It is necessary to see the principle to include/understand it. Inertia is caused by a minimum number of mechanisms. However these mechanisms take place. Thus to be able to put the sufficient number of mechanisms to overcome the principle of equivalence, it is necessary to increase the diameter of the wheel, quite simply.

Aldo Costa has, thanks to the discovery of its constant (report/ratio in energy and gravitation), the means of immediately calculating the size of the wheel necessary according to the power which one wishes to obtain. Also, I asked him to calculate the size of a wheel delivering 1 KW/heure. We have this information. We seek the means of building it. They is in hand, we think of the financing."

This is one of the most interesting developments in gravity power that I have seen. Thanks to everyone for continuing to post whatever they know on this discussion board.

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